This past weekend, GUESS introduced GUESS Jeans U.S.A., a division of clothing influenced by past collections and inspired by art, music, fashion, and culture.  GUESS Jeans U.S.A. launched its first collection with Sean Wotherspoon, co-founder of notable vintage boutique Round Two, at ComplexCon 2017.



Wotherspoon began his partnership with GUESS by touring the brand’s rich archives on its campus in downtown Los Angeles.  The vintage streetwear collector drew his inspiration from classic pieces of the ’80s and ’90s and sought to revitalize their essence through his GUESS Jeans USA collection. “I was born in 1990, so pieces from those decades always catch my eye,” said Wotherspoon. “They have character and a history—I think that’s why my generation is focused on quality, vintage pieces.”

With the collection, Wotherspoon brought back the original GUESS aesthetic, while integrating style elements of the Los Angeles desert landscape.  The GUESS signature stripes were printed in muted earth tones on long and short-sleeve crew neck shirts—drawing on LA’s rich succulents and dry sands.   Wotherspoon, known for his paint-dipped Supreme x Air Jordan 5s, also created a special set of dip-dyed denim jackets.  The collection features US-made products reflecting the quality-first approach of vintage GUESS.




Romanelli, LA-based designer and merchandiser, also teamed up with GUESS Jeans U.S.A. and Wotherspoon to create exclusive products for ComplexCon. Romanelli, acclaimed for reconstructing vintage clothing, reimagined the GUESS Jeans USA capsule. By repurposing Wotherspoon’s stripes and dip-dyed denim, Romanelli launched a special collection of reconstructed clothing, Medicom Be@rbricks, and Modernica chairs exclusively at the event.


DRx Romanelli @drxromanelli   |  Sean Wotherspoon @sean_wotherspoon

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