Rising star QUIÑ finds inspiration in vintage GUESS. She talks music, fashion, and what it means to be a Dream Girl. All eyes are on this Artist to Watch.

Who have you been listening to lately? 

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of my old favorite albums like Chicago’s Greatest Hits and India Arie, but a lot of the time I have to listen to music with no words. So a lot of flutes from all over the world, and a lot of classical music, jazz, or I’ll just throw on Soulection because you can just let them play forever. 

What are your main inspirations and greatest influences?

My main inspirations come from the way my feelings interpret all of my life experiences. My relationships, my family situations, all the love I feel, all the hurt I feel —it’s all just a part of my creative process and these things effect my emotions, so my creativity can constantly flow. That’s why I call my music “fantasy soul” music; it’s just a land of infinite options for a being of infinite feelings and perspectives that my soul gets to interpret through my sounds.

How does your fashion sense inspire your creative process?

I think they work together. What I wear is what I feel, and how I feel is how I create. They’re one in the same. There are no limits to my feelings so my fashion sense and creative process is infinite. 

Take us through the process of picking out show outfits?

I just love doing the most. I love a good set with a matching cape, and I have so many moods so it just depends on how I feel. The wilder the outfit, the wilder the “me.”

Do you visualize what your image is first and then seek it out or do you adventure until you find pieces that speak to you?

I spend a lot of time dressing myself in my mind. So, I’m really grateful for friends like Blake Diamond (he makes most of my show outfits) who I can just call and play with until we come up with a million ideas that we love. But I also love a good adventure with no expectations. I love to thrift. We’ve found really amazing pieces that way. 

How do you feel your environment and touring shape the creation of your music?

My environment every second of my life shapes my creativity, so I’m always mindful of that even when I feel like I’m in a bit of a creative block. It’s all a part of the process and my job to feel and understand, and express when I can. It teaches you to be patient with your gifts, and to embrace every environment you face. Touring is a really important part of it because it’s like a giant social experiment that you get to create with. 

Are there any memorable moments from your recent travels that have
influenced your music and style?

Sharing my music through my travels has really been a huge part of my evolution and naturally, as I grow, so does every part of me. So I’m really grateful to be doing what I said I’d do and watch myself and my gifts reflect that evolution. It never stops. That’s what being a Dream Girl is all about; understanding that you are who you’ve always wished to be; getting to know the you inside you, and when you live in that truth, your dreams come true.

Listen for “STICKY SITUATION” off her Sophomore EP, “DREAM GIRL”

Shot by: TATIANA GERUSOVA @tatianagigi   |  Featuring: QUIÑ @thequincat

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