Five minutes with our favorite new models on finding inspiration and staying grounded.


Simone: Living in another country by myself has been a learning curve! Career-wise, working and having to balance work with every other aspect of life. Trying to do what’s best for me and staying balanced.

Alex: Well, 5 years ago I wasn’t a model, so my life has completely changed. I travel a lot—I don’t have a work routine, but I have seen almost all the places in the world, and I work with famous people.

Solveig: A lot of things have changed, my location for one. I moved to New York back in 2013, so in that sense the move alone changed a lot of things. New place, new friends, and new beginnings with a brand-new market open to me. It’s been an exciting and challenging experience. 

Kara: Moving away from home and working in the fashion industry. You have to grow up fast and really take care of yourself. LA is very different from Texas where I’m from. You can’t get your feelings hurt and have to have a positive outlook and perseverance or you won’t have a lasting career in this industry. But I always remember my roots—you have to. I only want to change for the better.

What advice would you give to your former self?

IRELAND: I cared about what people thought of me to the point that it destroyed me. Nowadays, I laugh it off and dance in my lingerie in my room! Who really cares what people think? Live your life and love yourself.

KARA:  Be confident and don’t worry about the opinions of others so much. Don’t try to conform to fit in.  Just be your-self because what’s “in” is always changing; trust your gut.

SIMONE: Mistakes are proof that you’re trying!  

ALEX: Be patient.

SOLVEIG:  I would probably tell myself not to worry so much about what people say or think about you. The people that really matter know you and love you for who you are.

When wanderlust hits, what must-haves are packed in your carry-on? 

KARA: Chocolate, because I have a chocolate addiction, crystals for good energy, GUESS cut off shorts, a book and good perfume.

SOLVEIG:  A good moisturizer or moisture mist to apply during the flight, especially for long flights as the air in the cabin really dries me out.

Where do you find an extra dose of inspiration when you need it most?

IRELAND: I often find inspiration in films, music, travel and culture. I love getting immersed in a new place with a culture completely foreign to my own. I find it incredibly inspiring.

ALEX: When I need inspiration, I’ll go by the sea and I take off my shoes and my socks.

KARA: Back in Texas at the home I grew up in, I cut out and pasted photos of my goals and dreams on my bedroom door. It’s all still there, so when I go home I always look at it. I have the old GUESS campaign from Amber Heard taped up there. It was always a dream of mine to work with GUESS!

When the stress piles on, What keeps you grounded?

SOLVEIG: My family. Simple as that. All I need to do is grab the phone and they make me feel better about everything. With them I know who I am and that I can always
come home.

SIMONE: I am a stress head, so I like to go for runs. I feel like it clears my head and helps me to see everything rationally. Also, nothing makes me feel better than a good cry and long talk on the phone to my Mama!

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ALEX DELLISOLA @delliale.91
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Shot by: TATIANA GERUSOVA @tatianagigi
Styled by: VÉRONIQUE DROULEZ  @veroniquedroulez

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